Traditional Belgian Quality

Cast Iron Radiators & Accessories

Passion for tradition

Casting and restoring radiators | Manufacturing valves and electrical switches

We are passionate about interior design, traditional styles and good quality radiators. For us, radiators are not just means of warming up a place, they are important parts of the interior design and environment.

It was 12 years ago when we first had contact with cast iron radiators, and we haven’t been apart since. Everyday, we struggle to make the best out of our designs by putting lots of passion and care into it.

Brass valves ensure functionality and stability to the radiators, while also keeping the traditional design and environment. Our valves are both new and vintage, for those who want the real classical feeling.

Interior designs can be completed using traditional electrical switches. Our electrical switches are made from Bakelite and have guaranteed quality for long term usage.

Cast Iron Radiators

Functionality, tradition and style blent into creating the perfect radiator.

Radiator Valves

Creating accessories with a classic design for contemporary homes.

Electrical Switches

Vintage electrical switches that will complete the overall interior design.