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31 Jul 2016
Create a light and airy space during summer
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by paula

Everybody knows: twice a year, whatever you do, you need to go through an exhausting routine of “dressing and undressing” your house of all the accessories, to make it feel as pleasant in winter as in summer. Hide the heavy rugs, change the curtains and bring the plants outside. If you decide to make some extra changes, to easily adapt to when the cold season sets back in, here are the ones we find most interesting:

Choose colours from a light palette

The easiest way of not overloading an interior is to choose furniture, accessories and paint of bright shades, like beige, white, ivory, light gray or pastel versions of colours, if you like. Keep it simple and don’t combine to many. The key element of a spacious and airy room is absorbing as much light as possible, so draw the curtains to the side and keep your windows clean. As for the curtains, make sure they’re transparent enough, with few details and made out of light materials.

Soft textiles

Believe it or not, when trying to put together an open and airy space, it’s crucial to use breezy, light fabrics, and using a lightweight drapery that diffuses light adds more softness to the room. In addition, the transparency allows extra light to come in which will maintain the freshness and spaciousness. Consider having a vintage cream linen table cloth, slipcovers on the chairs or a large faded rug on the floor to enhance the look in your dining area.

The extra touch

If you’re lucky enough to reside in a spacious apartment with tall walls and big rooms, placing a large chandelier above will add a little sparkle. Don’t be afraid to do so even if your house is smaller, the effect will be the same.
As for textures, if you’re wondering what to do with all the wood, gather your family and have some fun on a saturday morning and paint it in paler shades. You might as well embark on a more demanding project and stylize the wood by taking off the initial paint. Distressed antiques can keep the house looking light and casual.

Almost anything you want to change in your home can be a fun do-it-yourself project, and if you take time to plan things properly and buy the proper supplies, you might even do a better job than any other handy man! The results of your own work will only bring you satisfaction and some extra points on the creativity scale.