Rococo Three Column

Authenticity and style

Flawless design

One of the first decorative Cast Iron Radiators to be produced, Rococo Three Column was originally manufactured inAmerica from 1895 on. The main characteristic of this marvellous design is its elegantly scalloped top.

Rococo is the most popular design ever made. It uses the golden ratio, a mathematical proportion that can be found in all living beings, and has been used in arts for centuries to express natural proportions and equilibrium.

The three column Rococo is wider and more impressive than the two column model. It stands out and can easily become the centrepiece of a room. Functionally speaking, this type of Rococo can generate more heat output than the two column radiator and is advisable to be used for heating larger rooms.

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Section height A Section widtht B Section height C Section height D Section width E Section deptht F
Heat output Delta 50
Watts BTU’s
Heat output Delta 60
Watts BTU’s
Section weight (Kg)
470mm 220mm 300mm 105mm 250mm 78mm
96 328
122 416
760mm 220mm 600mm 105mm 250mm 76mm
180 614
228 778
960mm 220mm 800mm 105mm 250mm 76mm
230 765
277 946