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Reclaimed & New Radiators
Accessories and electrical switches for exquisite homes

Cast iron radiators are produced according to the manufacturing process used over a century ago, complying with the same design, materials and moulding techniques. Cast iron effectively stores heat and takes longer than other materials to cool off.

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Reclaimed radiators give houses a certain atmosphere, as if you had a hint of history inside your home. Casted between 1880 and 1930, these radiators might have been part of a famous hotel in Washington or an aristocratic mansion in France.

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Our passion enables us to design new valve types inspired by vintage models in order to offer unique accessories for our clients’ favourite radiators. Manual or thermostatic, the valves perfectly fit all modern heating systems, while also maintaining a traditional aspect.

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Bakelite electrical switches are manufactured in concordance with the old era technologies, in order to offer a more authentic atmosphere. Despite its aesthetic qualities, the Bakelite also provides some great technical advantages: it’s stable and has a great temperature endurance as well as a high isolation power.

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Classic Comfort radiators are perfectly shaped for cold winter days, by mixing nice design and smart engineering. New cast irons are traditionally produced, in concordance with the manufacturing processes used over a century ago. All our radiators are handmade or restored using handmade techniques.

Reclaimed radiators were thought as classic design brought to life. These help create a certain atmosphere, as if you had a hint of history in your home.

Because no radiator is complete without accessories, we provide high quality valves that are guaranteed to ensure functionality for a long period of time. Our valves are inspired by vintage models in order to keep up with the overall design of the radiators.

Bakelite and porcelain electrical switches help our customers create a perfect vintage environment for their home. Their functionality is the same as for modern switches, with new technology integrated into the traditional design.