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Cast iron is the original material used in the Victorian period for manufacturing radiators. Cast iron radiators bring authenticity and add timeless quality to contemporary interiors. The high density of this material makes it efficiently store heat, so the radiators stay worm for a long period of time after the central heating has been turned off. For this reason, cast iron radiators are the top choice amongst heating engineers and architects, particularly for older buildings, as these radiators help retain the warmth inside of the building which counteracts damp and condensation.

Cast iron radiators have an unlimited lifespan, meaning the choice between new or vintage is completely up to you. Vintage radiators are restored to work as new ones, and provide the same functionality.

Our stock of vintage radiators is limited, but we are continuously producing new radiators according to your wishes and needs. Determining the right size and model of radiator you need, can easily be made if you visit our warehouse and talk to one of our professionals about the room where the radiator is going to be placed.

Our radiators are finished through spray-painting. However, before actually painting them, the radiators are electrostatically charged in order to ensure an even coverage.
We don’t use powder coating as it needs heating up the radiator up to 200°C which may damage the seals between radiator sections and also because powder coating completely covers the beautiful and fine details of the decorations.

The answer is yes, you can. Cast iron radiators can be installed anywhere as long as there is a hot water system involved.

Our radiators can be delivered in the colors of the Ral-chart and an anthracite finish.