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Classic Comfort will be present at ISH 2019 in Frankfurt

ISH, the world’s leading trade fair, counts as a trendsetter for modern bathroom design, sustainable heating and air-conditioning technology as well as intelligent home systems. The event offers integrated solutions that meet the growing demand for comfort, convenience, individualisation, well-being and aesthetics.

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Classic Comfort will be joining The Listed Property Show in London

If you are looking to buy a property or planning to maintain, alter or renovate your home, look no further. In order to help you save money, energy and months of personal research, The Listed Property Show brings together only the best in the industry under one roof. You will have all the expert advice you need delivered over the course of two days!

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The Scottish Listed Property Show – Early birds get free tickets!

If you are planning to attend The Scottish Listed Property Show here is all the information you need to get your hands on the tickets. Classic Comfort appreciates the loyalty of its existing clients as much as it appreciates the interest and passion they see in those who have newly discovered the beauty in cast iron radiators. As a token of our appreciation we have prepared 10 free tickets.

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Classic Comfort will be joining The Scottish Listed Property Show

Are you maintaining, altering or renovating your home? Are you looking to buy a property? Save yourself money, time and energy by attending The Scottish Listed Property Show, a show that brings only the best in the industry under one roof. While it would take you months to gather all the information you want through personal research, here you have all the expert advice you need delivered in one day.

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Make room for the latest trend

The hottest trend this year warms not only our hearts. Cast iron radiators are making a spectacular comeback, redefining the height of interior design sophistication. Make room for the revival of long forgotten items meant to radiate elegance through outstanding design.

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Building the world around Grace Kelly

The movie ”Grace of Monaco” was released in 2014 and we can’t help but remember the great time Classic Comfort had on set, while working to restore elements of a bygone era. Cast iron radiators were one of the important items that were chosen to recreate the interior aesthetics of that time.

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Prepare your home for autumn

It’s not a very pleasant fact that summer is coming to an end, but there’s nothing to worry about. You can start adapting to the colours of the fall by updating your interior with the next season’s the pastels and making room for the items you need during winter. Read our suggestions in the following article!

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Create a light and airy space during summer

Whether you live in a warm place, with Mediterranean temperatures or an environment blessed with a more refreshing weather and light rain during the summer, you’d probably like to feel cozy at home as well. We’ve made some research and in the following article you will find how to bring a fresh touch to your apartment in midsummer. Read all about it!

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A brief history of cast iron radiators

Cast iron radiators have been an imminent discovery in the previous centuries, as heating was one of the most urging needs, with solutions that were neither practical, nor safe. In the following article, you will become aware of why cast iron radiators are the best heating solution up to this day. Read the whole story here!

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Brass valves for your vintage radiator

Since we’ve come across cast iron radiators, we knew they could not be part of a vintage interior unless accompanied by the perfect accessories. Therefore, we carefully chose the most beautiful brass valves, spent a while drawing and redesigning them and we’ve successfully continued manufacturing them up to this day. Read more about them in our article!

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Cast iron radiators – Your heating solution

If you have recently moved into a new house or apartment, you are probably having difficulties deciding what options you have regarding the heating. We have summed up the most important tips to help you decide upon cast iron radiators. Learn more in our article!

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Decorate your house for Halloween

Autumn can be a fun season, and its wonderful colours could be an inspiration for you to do something creative. We browsed a little bit through the web and found some lovely ideas and put together a Pinterest board for you to take a look at. Read the entire articles, see the suggestions and get creative!

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Trending colour combinations (Part II)

In our previous article, we arranged a list of chromatic tips and tricks to apply to your interior. Designers always provide the best inspiration when it comes to being creative and innovative. We selected a few daring colour combinations to please the most pretentious, but in case you didn’t find a suitable option for your home, read the following article and find out more!

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Trending colour combinations (Part I)

Whether you’ve recently moved into a new home or just feel the need to refresh and redecorate a little bit, occasionally, your house needs some attention at every change of seasons. We’ve sorted out the best ideas and new design trends to provide the best styling tips. Read part I of our favourite suggestions regarding this summer’s trending combinations!

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Project houses – Our favourite vintage interior

Our projects have had lots of destinations in the previous years, and thus we’ve entered tens of houses. Some of them remained in our list of favourites up to this day. Whether the interiors are simple or more complex, there is beauty in every house. The one we choose to bring to your attention today is everything but ordinary. Read the article and take a look at the gallery!

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Cleaning cast iron radiators

When choosing to accessorize your home with a vintage cast iron radiator, you may think that a piece of this sort comes with an entire maintenance manual, because it is a century old. In fact, cleaning and taking care of vintage radiators is a lot easier than you thought. Read our article and follow a few easy steps to succeed in the process!

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Bedroom decorating with a summer feeling

There are plenty of ways to redecorate your favourite room in order to let the sun in, and not all of them imply expensive furniture or accessories. Whether you like the mediterranean navy blue – white contrast or you are fond of a brighter colour palette, the options are endless. Read our article to find out how to bring a little summer into your home!

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New project – Art Deco house in Ghent

This week we have been busy bringing our trademark cast iron radiators to the interior of a wonderful piece of architecture in the city of Ghent, Belgium. It has been a delightful challenge to try and mix up two very similar and mutually inspired design styles. You can find the whole story in our article

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Vintage American radiators – the story of a journey

We collected around 100 wonderful pieces of antique cast iron radiators from an abandoned factory close to Chicago. The factory, which used to be known as The Barber-Colman Company, is an-hour-long drive from Chicago, situated in the city of Rockford, Illinois. It was famous for distributing textile and milling machineries, from its founding, in 1894 until the 1980s. Over the years Barber-Colman extended its branches to Boston and later on, even the United Kingdom, and the facilities the company could provide at the time satisfied a wide range of requests and needs in textile industry.

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Set up your shabby chic interior now!

Sometimes, decorating your house in a shabby-chic manner can be easier than you imagined. Bringing vintage design into your home mustn’t follow any rules, but this timeless aesthetic can add inspired, effortless elegance to your home. If you are fond of flea markets, the answers to your design may lay just around the corner, but if you plan to shop elsewhere, you will find that lots of retail shops reproduce antique furniture, which makes it even easier.
Read all about it in our article!

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Collecting Premier vintage radiators

Collecting vintage radiators is one of our favourite tasks, as we never know what to expect. There are times people call us to collect vintage radiators that they don’t know too much about, so when we get there we often get surprised of what we find… and that’s the greatest feeling! Find out all about our latest discovery >>

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New valve in store – Berliner Messingventile

A recent, fortunate discovery led to the creation of a brand new radiator valve model, which carries the signature of 1890s design. The organic, flowery pattern engraved on this beautiful brass piece, will personalize the cast iron radiator that you have chosen for your environment, as well as style up your home. Bring a little history and elegance into your home!

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Salvaging vintage cast iron radiators

Old houses have something special, the ability to create a feeling of life that has passed as well as underlining the passing of time. On our business, we often get the chance to see old houses and feel that hint of history inside them.
The same happened when we were called to salvage old cast iron radiators from a 1918 house in Ukkel, Brussels. Read the entire story to find out all the details.

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Vintage Peerless radiators for an art gallery

A few weeks ago, we were asked to come up with a heating solution for a new project in the city of Ghent, Belgium. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the city, find out that Ghent is the capital and the largest city of the East Flanders. Choosing the right radiators for a space like this is not an easy task, but we believe the result was worth all efforts.

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Prepare your home for winter

Cold freezing days are getting closer and closer with every day that passes, even though sunny days try to trick us into believing the opposite. Because of this, we have gathered a few useful tips on how you can make your house feel warmer and get ready to confront the cold. Here we go!

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Decorating for autumn

Preparing your house for the cold season is a must-do these days. As daylight is shortening and the nights are becoming chillier, perhaps you have already thought about getting out the fluffy and warm blankets and rugs.
Today we talk about setting up your home for autumn, in means of colors and decorations that not only look good, but are also comforting. First of all, you will have to create a balance between the inside and outside of your home.

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Reasons to choose cast iron radiators

We know many of you are wondering which radiator type to choose in means of heat efficiency and cost. In our previous article, we presented a method of calculating the necessary heat output for your home, process which can be done without the help of an expert. If you missed that, you can access it here.

Now, to go on with the story, today we are presenting you the reasons why you should choose cast iron radiators, instead of aluminium or other types. On our Facebook page, we have already presented some of these reasons, but here we are making a synthesis of all these reasons, in advance.

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What’s the necessary heat output for my house?

Renovating or building a new home? Now you can make it even cozier!
Today we present you a super-easy way of calculating the necessary heat output for your home so you can do it by yourself. Of course, you could always ask for professional help but we know how important every penny is when starting a new project. The method we present you will save you time and money and also help you quickly determine what capacity your radiators should have.
Read the entire article and get enlightened!

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On the set of Grace of Monaco

It’s been over a month since Grace of Monaco hit theaters around the world. By now, many of you must have already seen the movie and blent into its magnificent world.
Classic Comfort team was called to join the set for Grace of Monaco, the newest production of Olivier Dahan. The action takes place in the year of 1962, six years after the actress married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. We are proud to have contributed to setting this decor, helping the team re-create the classical environment specific to the middle of the 20th century.
We are looking forward on even more challenging projects, but since then, enjoy our photo gallery from the set.

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Setting up a British interior

Comfortable and friendly, the British style is still maintaining the elegance and refinement of aristocratic days. Burnished furniture, soft tapestry and floral patterns in warm colors create the perfect cozy atmosphere. British style reminds of the old picturesque houses, where British ladies and gentlemen used to retreat on holidays. As designers state, the genesis of this style is a combination between classic elements and personal design adjustments, the owners made to their places. Starting from a classic setting, they took initiative of decorating the interiors themselves, setting up a personal touch.

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Give your place a classic feeling

Classic style certifies itself as a timeless style, adaptable to any kind of ambient, characterized by functionality and precious lines and materials, creating an elegant and harmonious environment. The contemporary classic design displays its influences from the Victorian Period, as well as the characteristic Queen Anne and Louis Philippe styles. Nowadays, we can discuss about the reinvented classic style, since the pure kind is seldom found.
Classic furniture will never lose its authenticity, being an option which many choose due to the great capacity of combining elegance with the functionality of modern elements.

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Integrating vintage pieces into modern homes

Integrating a vintage piece into any decor means following a series of unwritten rules concerning colors, shapes and origins. The first thing you should take into consideration is the size of the vintage piece and the place it is going to be placed in. Having a statement piece into a bright living room would make a really nice environment. The statement piece could be a tea table, a couch or a cabinet that brings aesthetic value to the overall design. If, however, you plan on making a full vintage interior, pieces should be dispersed inside the room so that they can be observed and appreciated.

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