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08 May 2015
Bedroom decorating with a summer feeling
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by paula

One of the most pleasant rooms of the house, and certainly one in which we’d love to spend most of our leisure time is definitely the bedroom. Regardless of the design lines we choose to emphasize our personality and individual taste, bedroom decoration lies between the boundaries of function, comfort and coziness. So in what way will you decide to emphasize yours? We’ve been doing a little research in order to find the best solutions, and here’s what we found: to sum it all up, one thing is certain – our team loves the challenge of finding new ways to integrate vintage cast iron radiators into any kind of interior design.

Whether you are fond of wallpapers, rugs, textures or personalized bedsheets, choose a pattern to better define your preferences. It will also bring a moroccan, mediterranean feeling of freshness to the room. If you are drawn to the mediterranean decorating style, pick the typical materials, such as an abundance of wood, as well as the striking contrast between dark, navy blue and shiny white. Add stone decorations, sea shells and while you’re at it, get creative and improvise a few accessories made out of rope.

You may be fond of the simple, accessible and often do-it-yourself design, but who said a comfortable interior cannot be luxurious as well? You can give a majestic, royal feel to a plain bedroom by adding heavy drapery or paint the ceiling in a dark colour, especially if you live in a tall apartment, with very large windows. The absorbed natural light will bond in perfect contrast and harmony with the weight created by the dark colours and heavy materials, and you will undoubtedly wake up every morning with radiant energy.

Last but not least, perhaps one of the best styling tips you can apply to almost any interior, now that summer is on its way, is the acknowledgement of bright colours, from the warm palette. Consider adding a few yellow, orange or red details – this doesn’t necessarily mean making major changes. Buy a new lamp, new bedsheets or a rug, reinterpret an older mirror frame or a vintage nightstand, if you are not prepared for repainting or buying completely new furniture. Try to take these small steps into consideration to bring a fresh new vibe.