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Prepare your home for autumn

It’s not a very pleasant fact that summer is coming to an end, but there’s nothing to worry about. You can start adapting to the colours of the fall by updating your interior with the next season’s the pastels and making room for the items you need during winter. Read our suggestions in the following article!

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Prepare your home for winter

Cold freezing days are getting closer and closer with every day that passes, even though sunny days try to trick us into believing the opposite. Because of this, we have gathered a few useful tips on how you can make your house feel warmer and get ready to confront the cold. Here we go!

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Reasons to choose cast iron radiators

We know many of you are wondering which radiator type to choose in means of heat efficiency and cost. In our previous article, we presented a method of calculating the necessary heat output for your home, process which can be done without the help of an expert. If you missed that, you can access it here.

Now, to go on with the story, today we are presenting you the reasons why you should choose cast iron radiators, instead of aluminium or other types. On our Facebook page, we have already presented some of these reasons, but here we are making a synthesis of all these reasons, in advance.

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What’s the necessary heat output for my house?

Renovating or building a new home? Now you can make it even cozier!
Today we present you a super-easy way of calculating the necessary heat output for your home so you can do it by yourself. Of course, you could always ask for professional help but we know how important every penny is when starting a new project. The method we present you will save you time and money and also help you quickly determine what capacity your radiators should have.
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