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21 Oct 2014
Prepare your home for winter
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by paula

Cold freezing days are getting closer and closer with every day that passes, even though sunny days try to trick us into believing the opposite. Because of this, we have gathered a few useful tips on how you can make your house feel warmer and get ready to face the cold. Here we go!

#1 Natural light is your friend

cast-iron-radiators-winter-interior-design-light-cozyWe should all take lessons from our Scandinavian friends, reported to be the happiest people in the world, despite the long and dark winters they have to pass through. Perhaps their secret is in the natural lighting of their homes, the sun that brakes through their windows. So, keep your windows free from any obstructions!
The thing with windows is that the larger they are, the better. Now, we know you can’t replace your windows every season, but what you can do is change the curtains and arrange them so that they let the light come in. Open those heavy curtains and keep window sills free from ornaments. Thick curtains are a good way to retain heat during nigh time, but remember to open them during sunny days. Another great choice is wooden shutters; they have the advantage of helping retain heat and also insulate against the cold.

#2 Bring wood inside your home

Talking about wooden shutters led to another thing. The wood itself and its properties are ideal for making any home feel warmer. Unlike other type of flooring, wooden decks gives a warm and natural feeling, much cozier than stone or granite. You can also use hard wood for wall panels or furniture to create a nice ambiance that resembles a natural habitat.

#3 Candles

They sure are romantic, aren’t they? Well you could use candles to give a warmer feeling to your interior. Even though the heat they produce is more on a sentimental level, candles do have their charm. Nothing can beat the flattering glow of a candle and you must admit everything looks better by candlelight. Scatter decorative candles all over a room and everything seems to get warmer and look nicer.

#4 Soft furnishings for extra warmth

Dress up your cold leather sofa with a shaggy blanket and throw in some very soft cushions. You will dream all day about your soft and warming sofa and always be patient about getting home. Fury carpets are also a great choice for a large living room that feels cold and empty. The truth is nothing can beat the feeling of having your feet walk on a soft and cozy rug.

#5 Close doors to unused rooms

Living in a large mansion can sometimes result in having rooms left unused. If this is your case, keep the doors to those rooms closed so you won’t dispel precious heat. Also, even though these rooms are not in use, we recommend you heat them up to a minimum 10 – 15 degrees Celsius so the thermic difference wouldn’t be so aggressive.

If you are looking for ways of heating up your home in a stylish way, you can always browse our collection of cast iron radiators and pick the ones that fit you best.

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