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14 Aug 2016
Prepare your home for autumn
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by paula

Since summer is slowly approaching its end, our homes need a little “refresh” as well, and we could make a few changes. You can start by replacing the vivid colours with pastel ones, preparing it for the new season. This is a process that will surely not cost a fortune and will happen quickly. By making these changes, you will make your house look really beautiful and warm, perfectly suited for autumn.

The cold season is on its way, and it’s time to make your home cozy for the items that come in handy during late autumn and winter. Thicker rugs, heavier drapery, and perhaps, if you don’t already have one, you might consider a radiator, vintage or new. Choosing vintage cast iron radiators will help you create a beautiful vintage and stylish look in your house. These radiators will take you to another era through their look and design, supplying the amount of warmth your space needs.

Style and colors

You have a variety of radiators to choose from. In our store you can find radiators with two columns, three or even four columns. Also, you can choose from different colours that will look beautiful, like white, classic gray, silver or gold, that can make your home look warm and welcoming, undoubtedly making the radiator the centerpiece of a room. So, if you haven’t decided for a radiator just yet, feel free to browse through our wide range of cast iron radiators, to find the one which best suits your interior.

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