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03 Sep 2014
Reasons to choose cast iron radiators
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by paula

cast iron radiator efficient heating classic comfort We know many of you are wondering which radiator type to choose in means of heat efficiency and cost. In our previous article, we presented a method of calculating the necessary heat output for your home, process which can be done without the help of an expert. If you missed that, you can access it here.

Now, to go on with the story, today we are presenting you the reasons why you should choose cast iron radiators, instead of aluminium or other types. On our Facebook page, we have already presented some of these reasons, but here we are making a synthesis of all these reasons, in advance.

Moreover, we present you some of the reasons why even vintage cast iron radiators can be a better choice compared to new ones.

Lifetime guarantee

Actually, these radiators are guaranteed for 30 years, which, in terms of housing, can be considered lifetime. This means that the radiator doesn’t need any maintenance and will most likely work for even more than 30 years.


Cast iron radiators have high corrosion, strike and mechanical resistance. This makes them resistant over time, thus the long warranty. Also, these radiators resist up to 4-6 bars pressure which gives them high thermal power.

Efficient heating

Cast iron radiators not only have a large radiant surface, but they are also able to retain heat up to eight hours after central heating was shut down. Imagine turning off your central heating when you go to sleep and being able to wake up to warm radiators. This leads us to the high thermal power mentioned above.

Long story short, you should choose cast iron radiators not only because they can give your place an authentic look, but also because of their high thermal power and over time resistance. Check out our new and vintage radiators and contact us if you have any questions.