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09 Jul 2014
On the set of Grace of Monaco
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by paula

It’s been over a month since Grace of Monaco hit theaters around the world. By now, many of you must have already seen the movie and blent into its magnificent world.

grace-of-monaco-cast-iron-radiatorLong story short, the movie presents the real-life fairytale of an actress who had to choose between Hollywood and being a princess. The action takes place in the year of 1962, six years after the actress married Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The set manages to restore the specific interiors and architecture used over five decades ago and make the viewer feel as if he would actually be part of that world.

We are proud to have contributed to setting this decor, helping the team re-create the classical environment specific to the middle of the 20th century. Great attention was given to costumes and interiors in particular, focusing on bringing back to life a bygone era. Our radiators were an important part of the movie, since most of the interior shots were filmed on the belgian set.

Several radiators were installed on the movie set to help achieve the vintage environment the producers were looking for. It was a hard work for us but it also made us feel proud our work is featured in a movie starring Nicole Kidman, Tim Roth and other talented actors. Antique American Rococo radiators were chosen for this project and we believe it was the best choice since they are the most popular antique radiator type.

We are looking forward on even more challenging projects, but since then, enjoy our photo gallery from the set.