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19 Jun 2016
Brass valves for your vintage radiator
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by paula

Classic, antique radiators are the more beautiful if the same attention is payed to the accessories they come with. Their design and function needs to be emphasised by the care of choosing proper accessories, and by these we mean valves. Our team at Classic Comfort has put their focus into creating manual as well as thermostatic valves to fit the heating systems and the traditional aspect of the cast iron radiators.

The valves are made entirely out of brass and come in a variety of finishes, and have a 10-year warranty. The manual valves are more traditional from a functional point of view and are very reliable. Out of these, Traditio is our best-selling model and it’s one of the oldest regarding design, being very popular throughout Europe in the first half of the 20th century. Ever since we came across this particular model, we wanted to revive it. The comfortable and easy-to-use handle together with the beautiful design makes it a must have for a traditional decor.

Floris and Orbis are two similar valves, yet they are different because one is meant to continue the fine lines of 20th century design, while the other one has a more industrial handle, made out of bakelite. These exact same materials were used when casting the valves initially. Orbis suits interiors with Arts and Crafts furnishing and Floris can accessorize an interior with Art Nouveau guidelines.

Berliner Messingventile is an antique model which dates back in late 1890s expressing the characteristics of that period. Entirely made out of brass, this vintage valve is a model that needed to be revived. It has a bakelite handle and features a fine floral pattern that surrounds the embossed name and heat indicators.

Among these manually operated valves, the Thermostatic Floris is also available. It adjusts the room temperature automatically, due to the thermostat included in the handle. The functionality is similar to any modern valve, even though the appearance is vintage.

If you haven’t made up your mind upon which valve to choose, take a look at all the available models and contact us if you have any questions. Either of them is the perfect solution as well as the perfect touch for accessorizing vintage cast iron radiators, therefore choose a classy decoration that will bring a whole new feeling to your home!