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20 May 2015
Cleaning cast iron radiators
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by paula

Certainly if you have an interior decorated with vintage radiators, you may have encountered a little trouble when trying to clean it, or you may have been concerned with not damaging the material or the paint. However, the process of removing dust or stains from a vintage cast iron radiator is not as difficult as you might have thought. We have provided a little do-it-yourself guide, and following a few easy steps you will get the desired results in no time!

Before you move any further, make sure you have switched off the heating device in order not to cause any damage to yourself. The cleaning materials can also be damaged by or react negatively with the heat – detergents and products, as well as sponges or cloths containing plastic fibers. Allow it to cool down completely before you start cleaning.

It is perfectly safe to use the vacuum cleaner in order to remove the dust from the radiator and from in between its elements. Attach the soft bristle furniture piece and proceed. Most, if not all the dust will come off. Use a microfiber cloth because they will rarely snag on furniture or other home accessories, and they are very efficient as well, providing a layer of shine. To access the area in between the elements, you can use a whisk or a brush and manually wipe off the dust, if the vacuum cleaner hasn’t removed the dust completely, but it usually does.

In the next process you will use some chemical cleaning products, that is why we advise you to place a plastic sheet in order to protect your flooring. Then, create a soapy cleaning solution and use a sponge to apply it to the surface of the radiator, having previously wrung the sponge. If you are faced with a particularly difficult stain, place some undiluted degreasing dish soap onto the stain, and allow it to sit there for about 15 minutes before scrubbing it away. At the end, swipe it dry and turn the cast iron radiator back on.

Take these easy steps into consideration and enjoy a clean environment!