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20 Mar 2015
Set up your shabby chic interior now!
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by paula

Sometimes, decorating your house in a shabby-chic manner can be easier than you imagined. Bringing vintage design into your home mustn’t follow any rules, but this timeless aesthetic can add inspired, effortless elegance to your home. If you are fond of flea markets, the answers to your design may lay just around the corner, but if you plan to shop elsewhere, you will find that lots of retail shops reproduce antique furniture, which makes it even easier.


You may find a jewel lies right under your nose, and it could be the small coffee-table you inherited from your grandparents, or old picture frames which you found abandoned in the basement. Another upside of choosing to integrate “vintage” into your home is the fact that it is a very budget-friendly operation. Below are a few easy tips and tricks to follow when you decide to turn your apartment into a friendly, welcoming environment.

Let’s get started!

Reinterpret an old, worn dining table, or use reclaimed lumber which can be stripped and made into a table. Many stores specialize in selling overpriced reproductions of various styles, but yard sales or flea markets have always got the perfect solution where you can find worn-out furniture that you can later repaint or even reuse in a personal, unique way. However, if you choose to purchase a vintage radiator, at Classic Comfort we provide you with the best heating solutions of highly reliable cast iron radiators, that carry the reputation of being both efficient as well as a decorative masterpiece. They are very easy to integrate into an environment accompanied by classic chandeliers, rugs, personalised furniture and unique accessories such as cutlery, china or paintings.

Whether you choose to adapt shabby-chic to a modern interior by adding just the right amount of vintage, or you prefer to decorate your entire apartment using shabby-chic guidelines, the solutions are endless and we promise you will enjoy the process!