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08 Dec 2014
Salvaging vintage cast iron radiators
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by paula

Old houses have something special, the ability to create a feeling of life that has passed as well as underlining the passing of time. On our business, we often get the chance to see old houses and feel that hint of history inside them.

The same happened when we were called to salvage old cast iron radiators from a 1918 house in Ukkel, Brussels. The house was an actual time forgotten mansion and in a really bad condition. However, it’s beauty was still visible and we could easily notice the fine motifs on the walls and the traditional architecture.

Most of the radiators we gathered are Nationals, designed by the American Radiator Company in the USA and produced in Dôle, France. The American Radiator Company is well known for their beautiful designs and specific radiator models that are still used nowadays.

All the radiators picked up from this historical house will be restored, tested and available for purchase at our warehouse. Browse the gallery below and see all the astonishing models we had the chance to find there »