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02 Aug 2018
Make room for the latest trend
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by rainfall

The hottest trend this year warms not only our hearts. Cast iron radiators are making a spectacular comeback, redefining the height of interior design sophistication. Make room for the revival of long forgotten items meant to radiate elegance through outstanding design.

Cast iron radiators have been enjoying the spotlight since they took over the field of interior design and became this year’s must have item. They come in a variety of styles and colors, with guaranteed efficiency. You now have the ultimate flexibility when it comes to choosing your own.

We all agree that cast iron radiators can make a restored property feel authentic. However, we must not lose focus when we talk about modern homes either. Whether you opt for ornate models, adding a touch of class and luxury to the room, or you want to find elegance in subtlety, cast iron radiators are the perfect fit for any home.

Most of the cast iron radiators that have been restored date back to the early 1900’s. Beautiful gems retaining the charm of times long gone. When you choose an antique cast iron radiator, this piece of history will forever breathe in your home, being a reliable heat source, with great efficiency and a marvellous design.