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12 Jun 2015
Project houses – Our favourite vintage interior
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by paula

In time, we’ve had multiple house projects we’ve partaken in, bringing our cast iron radiators in order to enhance the facility of heating as well as make the living space more cozy and inviting. Some of the homes belong to simple, conservative people, while others have more eccentric owners. Some of them we remember for their striking creativity in design and decorations. This particular house has always been among our favourites.

The owners clearly have passion for thrift-shopping and flea markets, and collecting antiques is definitely one of their hobbies. Whether it has been bought or inherited as well as custom made in a particular manner, illustrating the love for vintage, the furniture in this house is unique and cleverly mixed together.


The moment you step into the hallway, you are blinded by details of perfectly crafted door frames, which are not painted or varnished on purpose, in order to bring out the beauty and rawness of wood. Flooring and tiles are carefully chosen in a black and white contrast, taking you back to the 1900s. Chandeliers, flower pots, chairs, mirrors and, of course, the cast iron radiators have been selected to fit in the picture and although the space is full of captivating details, it doesn’t seem at all loaded.

Moving on to the living and bedroom, you can find loads of cabinets and closets made of solid wood. Among victorian-inspired wallpapers and the marble chosen for the static fireplace, dark-coloured solid wood is the perfect choice. All parquetry is wooden, brought to life by old persian rugs. This abundance of materials and textures is seasoned with statement objects, such as sculptural table and standing lamps, candlesticks, mirrors, picture frames and paintings.

As soon as you get to the bathroom, you’ll realize that this is no ordinary place. Wooden floors, naturally, as well as cabinets and mirrors made out of deep red solid wood with brass handles, striped wallpaper and crystal chandeliers are all emphasized by the centerpiece. A huge bathtub lies in the middle of the bathroom, for easy access and a marvellous window-view. Heavy, dark-coloured curtains and drapery shade the bathroom and all the other spaces as well.

Always be creative regardless of the size of the apartment you bought. Even if the budget is limited, you can find statement pieces of decorations and furniture in second-hand shops and flea markets. If restoration is required, you can choose to ask for an expert’s opinion or do a little research and do it yourself. We promise you will have tons of fun in the process! The more you contribute to styling your interior, the more of your personality it will bring out, and the results are always amazing.