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09 Mar 2015
Collecting Premier vintage radiators
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by paula

Collecting vintage radiators is one of our favourite tasks, as we never know what to expect. There are times people call us to collect vintage radiators that they don’t know too much about, so when we get there we often get surprised of what we find… and that’s the greatest feeling!

Our latest discovery were these vintage Premier radiators we collected in Braunschweig, Germany. Premier was designed in the USA by the American Radiator company, and it was only produced in 1905. The reason behind the short manufacturing period could be the high style resemblance with the popular Rococo.

Premier shortly became the bestseller of the “Nationale Radiator Gesellschaft mbH”, a subsidiary of the American Radiator Company, formed in 1901 in Berlin. Therefore, this radiator type is rarely found across the ocean, not to mention that it is even harder to find in good condition.

With this in mind, one can see how lucky we are to have found several Premier cast iron radiators and in such good condition! We have collected several similar radiators all over Germany, even in Berlin, because of its static and smooth style. Most of these radiators are 115 cm high and have a heat output of 275 Watt/section, which makes them great for large rooms as they have a great heating capacity.

Browse the photo gallery below and find out more about the beautiful Premier: