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14 Sep 2018
Classic Comfort will be joining The Scottish Listed Property Show
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by rainfall

Are you maintaining, altering or renovating your home? Are you looking to buy a property? Save yourself money, time and energy by attending The Scottish Listed Property Show, a show that brings only the best in the industry under one roof. While it would take you months to gather all the information you want through personal research, here you have all the expert advice you need delivered in one day.

Having been in the client’s shoes we understand the importance of having someone to guide you through the process of buying a radiator. We make house calls and we offer advice in order to help our clients find the suitable radiator for their living space, considering factors such as heat output, design, size and number. We will be present at The Scottish Listed Property Show, ready to answer all the questions you may have regarding cast iron radiators.

By attending the show, you will have the opportunity to meet with The Listed Property Owners’ Club experts who will offer information about buying or owning a listed property, unauthorised works, surveyance, grants, maintenance, mortgages and laws. The show will feature one-to-one conversations with Independent Conservation Officers, the country’s leading suppliers and much more.

Classic Comfort was founded in 2003 as a product of our passion for interior design and quality radiators. During our first years in the business we were known for manufacturing new radiators based on antique radiator designs. A few years later, in 2008, we started to recondition reclaimed cast iron radiators imported from the USA. Today we are also known for supplying radiators for clients all over Europe, we have a distribution network and a constantly growing client base.