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03 Oct 2014
Decorating for autumn
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by paula

Preparing your house for the cold season is a must-do these days. As daylight is shortening and the nights are becoming chillier, perhaps you have already thought about getting out the fluffy and warm blankets and rugs.

autumn-interior-design-cast-iron-radiatorsToday we talk about setting up your home for autumn, in means of colors and decorations that not only look good, but are also comforting. First of all, you will have to create a balance between the inside and outside of your home. While nature turns to shades of yellow, brown and red, your house will have to incorporate these colors too. The easiest way to do this, without getting a makeover of your house, is by changing the curtains, table clothes or maybe even the rugs. We know some people prefer not to use rugs in summer time, so this would be a nice moment to place them back again. Choose maroon, brown or beige rugs – these will be easy to adapt, no matter the season.

Plants? Of course! Flowers in pots are a great choice for both indoors and outdoors. We know those planted outdoors will most likely lose their leaves and flowers, but you can compensate with fresh pots of seasonal flowers.

In means of heating, when fluffy rugs are not enough, you can always turn on your central heating and instantly make your house warm. We recommend you choose cast iron radiators as they are reliable and keep heat for a long period of time. Find out more about the advantages of cast iron radiators, from our article.

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