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03 Jul 2015
Trending colour combinations (Part I)
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by paula

Perhaps one of the most powerful changes you can bring into your home is the one regarding the colours you choose. You don’t necessarily have to refurbish completely or repaint every room, nor spend a large amount of money on redecorating. Sometimes, the most innovative and creative changes are just around the corner – a visit to the flea market can be very satisfying, as well as some new items you found at discount in a supermarket. In the following paragraphs you will find some of the hottest trends of summer. Take a look at what we liked best.

Mint green + pale pink

A feeling of summer can be simply suggested through shades of pastel colours. Paint a wall with a fresh touch of mint green, it will make a perfect match with your dark brown furniture. Solid wood, especially if it’s darker, gives the impression of heaviness and cold, which is why we think that, in contrast with pale green, your room will breathe summer all over again! Throw some pink accessories around, such as pillows, pottery, lamp shades or curtains and you’re all set!

Turquoise + ruby red

Here’s one for the ones who are dare to be bold. Turquoise and ruby red remind you of the semi-precious stones, the ocean and intense coral red – the combination of the two is perfect for the summer. Designers suggest the use of red in the bedroom, and we find it is a great idea. You can either buy a red bed, or paint it yourself – it’s not a hard job at all if it’s made of wood or wrought iron. All you need is a key-piece enhanced by the star-colour chosen for the particular room. The rest is just a matter of the right accessories.

Bright turquoise + copper

This particular combination is perhaps one of the most unusual, but has certainly drawn our attention, being one of the latest trends. Designer Philip Gorrivan suggests that we leave aside boring old metal finishing, like chrome or aluminum and replace the gray shades with copper. You might think that metal-like finishing is not very likely for living rooms or the dining are, and you are right. This combination of colours was originally meant for a kitchen, but we believe that wrought iron details of furniture could also be sprayed with a copper layer. It’s a great idea, don’t you think?

If you like any of the unusual combinations we suggested in this article, get handy and try them out! Buy a bucket of paint and some tools and go to the nearest home depot. Anything you like can add a plus to your new, beautiful home. If you can’t make up your mind, then stay tuned in the next couple of weeks, for the second part of the article in which you will find the rest of our season’s favourites.

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