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06 Jul 2018
Building the world around Grace Kelly
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by dana

The movie ”Grace of Monaco” was released in 2014 and we can’t help but remember the great time Classic Comfort had on set, while working to restore elements of a bygone era.

The action takes us back to the early 1960’s where Nicole Kidman plays the role of Princess Grace formerly known as Grace Kelly, famed Oscar-winning Hollywood actress. The story focuses on capturing a detailed description of her life after marrying Monaco’s Prince Rainier III, played by well known actor Tim Roth.

Most of the interior shots were filmed on a Belgian set, where our work centered around installing some of our truly outstanding cast iron radiators. Antique American Rococo radiators were chosen to successfully compliment the classic setting of that era. Highly popular items meant to radiate elegance through a marvellous design.

Hard work and undeniable attention to detail helped capture and recreate core elements of both fashion and interior design meant to have viewers travel back in time. We are proud to have had our work featured in a movie starring such remarkable names in the film industry.

Take a look at some of our moments while working on set: