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10 Mar 2014
Give your place a classic feeling
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by paula

Classic style certifies itself as a timeless style, adaptable to any kind of ambient, characterized by functionality and precious lines and materials, creating an elegant and harmonious environment. The contemporary classic design displays its influences from the Victorian Period,  as well as the characteristic Queen Anne and Louis Philippe styles. Nowadays, we can discuss about the reinvented classic style, since the pure kind is seldom found.

classic mareClassic furniture will never lose its authenticity, being an option which many choose due to the great capacity of combining elegance with the functionality of modern elements. The overall aspect should neither be too ornamental nor too minimalist.

Refined, solemn and distinguished, the classic furniture is defined by the use of precious wood essences such as oak, walnut, sweet cherry, mahogany, cherry tree and birch tree. A peculiarity of the classic style is furnishing made from forged iron with golden and silver foil wraps. To sweeten the metallic and stern aspect, fabrics with simple floral patterns can be used for pillows and curtains, as well as for coverlets and mattresses. As for the floors, using natural materials such as wood, stone and marble has always been a wise choice. When covered with heavy wool carpets and rugs, these make the perfect and coziest interior.

When deciding upon the colors of your classic interior, go for warm tones. Classic style is characterized by brown hues, starting from beige to coffee-brown and auburn-brown. There are most used for setting the right contrast with the scattered dark hues of the furniture. However, when designing a classic interior, you shouldn’t restrain yourself to the colors of walls and furniture only. Of great importance is choosing the color of your in-house decorations too. Pillows, candles, carpets and curtains will play an important role in achieving that classic feeling.

To start from, you can pay a visit at the antiques markets where you can find a good deal of classic objects in perfect shape: reading lamps, standard lamps, chandeliers, coffee tables, night stands, musical instruments, pendulum clocks and even headboards. In order to avoid transforming your classic interior into a formal and monotonous place, you can combine old and modern bits and pieces. A canvas, a statue, a floral arrangement or even a family framed picture will induce a modern breath to your classy home.