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05 Jun 2016
Cast iron radiators – Your heating solution
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by paula

When you have purchased a new apartment or a beautiful home, except for interior design and decorations, you must bear a few other aspects in mind. One of these is the heating facility. It’s not at all easy to determine which type of heating bests suits your needs and naturally, what costs it implies. There are methods of calculating the necessary heat output, which you can find here.

Here is why we encourage you to widen your options and choose cast iron radiators, instead of aluminium or other types. Consider the following aspects, and you will be sure to have made the right decision, and the one guaranteed for the rest of your residence in the chosen home.

Heating efficiency is probably the most important of all aspects, and cast iron radiators are known not only to have a large radiant surface, but to retain heat for up to eight hours after the central heating was shut down. Due to the density and conductivity of cast iron, the transferred heat is held much longer compared to other radiators.

The reliability of cast iron radiators solves another very important problem: lifetime guarantee. Technically, they come with a 30-year warranty, which, in terms of housing can be considered a lifetime. Such radiators do not need any maintenance and will most likely work for even more than 30 years. Cast iron has high corrosion, strike and mechanical resistance, which explains the long-term warranty.

Last, but certainly not least, what makes cast iron radiators the perfect solution for your environment are its wonderfully designed lines, which allow them to integrate in a vintage interior as well as a modern one, because contrast is the centerpiece of any form of design. Cast iron radiators will paint any home with an antique brush, giving it a classy, authentic look.

Efficient heating, lifetime warranty, resistance and beautiful design – cast iron radiators have it all. Take a look at our new and vintage radiators to help you decide which design you like best. If you have any questions, contact us and our team will provide all the technical details and support.