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16 Jul 2015
Trending colour combinations (Part II)
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by paula

When it comes to interior decorating, it’s not as important to follow trends as it is to choose those particular designs you feel most attracted to. After all, it’s the place you will be spending most of the time in, and it should be cozy and comfortable. Nonetheless, designers always come with the best suggestions, and we believe it is time you did something for the first time and apply some of their ideas in order to bring a new vibe to the interior you will always love!

Orange + pink / purple

Although the association of fruity orange shades and deep purple may seem a bit too eccentric for the regular person, this vivid combination is one of our favourites. Stepping into a room highlighted by lively accents is way more fun and inviting than being surrounded by plain, common shades of pastel colours brought together. Just painting one of the walls in lilac purple and adding an orange sofa, armchair or some empty citrus-coloured picture frames will suffice in order to create an animated environment.

Purple + red

Since the purple chapter is still open, here’s another coupling of colours which might just do the trick. Certainly, purple and red will stand out, and if you are not afraid to paint your room in a darker pallette, go for Indian blue, grape or lilac. Adding just the right amount of dark red details can make the time spent in the room delightful. Be careful not to crowd the already heavy interior with too many other colourful accents. Choose a pair of red chairs, a red lamp shade at most and maybe some small decorations such as dishes and plates or other tiny items.

Red + yellow

Even if you have already chosen the colour pallette for certain rooms of your house, and don’t wish to bring any dramatic changes, you can lighten them up by adding some bright colours which will invite the sun into the chamber. Red and yellow are the best suggestions, since they stand alone and shine by themselves, especially if brought together. Of course, adding orange will only enhance the feeling of brightness and summer, so don’t be afraid to add those extra details you need!

Whether you shop on a budget, visiting your local home depot or the surprisingly rewarding flea market, or you choose to spend a more important amount and refurbish from A to Z, the changes can be major and very satisfying. Naturally, painting the walls of an entire room or adding an interesting wallpaper may take more time, but once you make bigger changes the result  will be even more rewarding. You won’t regret a thing and you will certainly have some fun in the process!

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