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10 Mar 2014
Setting up a British interior
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by paula

Comfortable and friendly, the British style is still maintaining the elegance and refinement of aristocratic days. Burnished furniture, soft tapestry and floral patterns in warm colors create the perfect cozy atmosphere. British style reminds of the old picturesque houses, where British ladies and gentlemen used to retreat on holidays. As designers state, the genesis of this style is a combination between classic elements and personal design adjustments, the owners made to their places. Starting from a classic setting, they took initiative of decorating the interiors themselves, setting up a personal touch.

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The usual British style furniture is characterized by robustness and elegance. It’s usually made from pine wood, mahogany or marble. Massive sofas and armchairs, with leather or velvet tapestry, are common items to be found in traditional English homes. The chromatic line of the British interiors is set on autumnal hues, such as brown and red combined with patinaed hues. The main colors focus around neutral beige or medium tones of green, blue and red.

Walls are generally dressed in discrete, warm and pastel colors. Often used inside British interiors is the floral wallpaper. For a comforting atmosphere, the interior light should be mild and filtered. One aspect that speaks for the elegance of the British style are the massive carpets, usually placed in the center of living rooms. In order to brighten up the place and create a spacious environment, it’s recommended to choose a light carpet color.

British style is characterized by specific textiles and fabrics. Blankets and pillows garnished with floral patterns or embroidered materials are a perfect match. Opt for a curtain rather than window blinds, and choose heavy materials, such as velvet. Cover the coffee tables with long table cloths and add some colorful ornaments. Fresh flowers will always do the trick. In the process of decorating, each object should be carefully chosen in order to maintain the coziness, without transforming the house into a crowded place.

When deciding upon decorating British style, make sure to include these specific elements: porcelain tableware adorned with natural spring themes, scenery paintings in wooden or patinaed frames, family photos in silver frames, silver candlesticks, flower bowls and not only. Cruets and tea for one sets are also elements that define the British style. Try out some antique items too. They will perfectly fit in, adding authenticity to the place. Warm up all these with the proper plumbing elements. All things said, British style is a way of defining your love for elegance and refinement, a perfect means to enjoy comfort in a fancy manner.