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12 Feb 2014
Integrating vintage pieces into modern homes
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by paula

Decorating a home represents, for most of us, a hassle in finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and comfort to fit both our likes and lifestyle. Due to the fact that trends change season by season, leaving behind colors and shapes, it is really hard to find something that stays in for seasons in a row and that is also representative for your personality. Hard, but not impossible. The answer is neutral vintage pieces that are able to bring in that little something that transforms a house into a home.


vintage mareThere are loads of vintage pieces you could choose for your home, from small decorations to furniture or even plumbing. Modern designs are characterised by light, high contrasts and simple lines, environments in which a vintage piece could make a great statement. If you are more like the conservative type, you could opt for a full vintage interior, where furnishing and decorations create a pleasant place that looks like it’s been ripped from the past. However, if you like both modern and vintage designs, you don’t have to choose between them, but mix them up in a nice and chic decor.

Integrating a vintage piece into any decor means following a series of unwritten rules concerning colors, shapes and origins. The first thing you should take into consideration is the size of the vintage piece and the place it is going to be placed in. Having a statement piece into a bright living room would make a really nice environment. The statement piece could be a tea table, a couch or a cabinet that brings aesthetic value to the overall design. If, however, you plan on making a full vintage interior, pieces should be dispersed inside the room so that they can be observed and appreciated.

For setting up a truly vintage design, you could choose vintage decorations and plumbing too. Opting for vintage cast iron radiators is a great thing, as you get to bring a little piece of history into your home. Vintage radiators are full of stories, as they could have been a part in a famous hotel in London, Paris or whatever wonderful city. Besides being astonishing beautiful, these radiators also keep warm for a long period of time and can be installed on any standard central heating system.

Depending on your likes and tastes, interiors can be personalized in a way that resembles history, with an added modern touch. Choose the furnishing and accessories that reflect your personality and turn that house into a home!