Rococo Three Column

Classic Victorian Radiator

Glamour of a bygone era

Originally manufactured by the American Radiator Company, in Chicago between 1895 and 1918, the Rococo Three Column radiator features elegantly scalloped top details with interwoven decorations.

The Rococo Three Column cast iron radiator is the perfect choice for traditionally styled, newly built or refurbished properties. Its finish is sharp and clear-cut in raised ornaments, while the flat surfaces are very smooth, free from pits and blemishes. With the glamour and elegance of a bygone era, the Rococo Three Column cast iron radiator will bring a touch of class to any interior. The antiqued and highlighted finishes enhance the stunning scrollwork detail.

Due to its peculiar design, the radiator will not only play a part as a plumbing and heating item, but will also confer the decorative value of a painting, a rug or a drapery.

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