Rococo Two Column

Tradition and functionality

Since 1895 until now

Rococo radiators were first cast in 1895 by the American Radiator Company. Later it opened foundries in France and produced this particular model for the European market. Unlike any radiator model, Rococo was produced for many years and still remains the most sought after type of radiator.

The major advantage of the two column Rococo is its slimline design ideal for smaller rooms. Made from cast iron, its heating output is far superior to aluminium radiators and it also retains heat for a longer time.

As for the marvellous design, the Rococo Two Column features elegantly scalloped top details and interwoven decorations. These details are a trademark of this particular radiator design, making it one of a kind.

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Section height A Section widtht B Section height C Section height D Section width E Section deptht F
Heat output Delta 50
Watts BTU’s
Heat output Delta 60
Watts BTU’s
Section weight (Kg)
510mm 185mm 350mm 110mm 200mm 76 mm
110 376
140 478
660mm 185mm 500mm 110mm 200mm 76 mm
130 440
163 556
760mm 185mm 600mm 110mm 200mm 76 mm
143 489
180 614
955mm 185mm 800mm 110mm 200mm 76 mm
168 573
211 720

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